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Fuel Magic Inc. Profile and Mission Statement

Company Description:

Fuel Magic Inc. is a private company that was incorporated in 2002 in the state of California, USA. Along with private investors, Fuel Magic Inc. developed packaging and marketing for their proprietary fuel conditioner Fuel Magic.

Fuel Magic Inc. remains a private corporation and protects and keeps private the proprietary Fuel Magic formula, its method of manufacture, marketing strategies, sources of materials, corporate employees and associates.

Product Description:

Fuel Magic contains a polar compound that creates an attraction to metal, allowing it to penetrate and remove hardened combustion deposits and create lubricity on all engine surfaces. This feature, along with its combustion improvement, fuel stabilization, elimination of tank corrosion and cost efficient dosage requirements sets Fuel Magic apart from other additives.

Technical Description:

The additive is a several-component mixture of materials containing only carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. It is a blend of oxygenated aliphatic hydrocarbon liquids, glycol ethers, and hydrocarbon fuel solubilizers. The active components are a polar material, compatibilizers for the polar material and hydrocarbons, and a compound for enhancing the water tolerance of the additive. EPA Registry # 207120001

Corporate Goals and Mission:

The goal of Fuel Magic Inc. is to introduce Fuel Magic’s fuel saving and environmental qualities into different economies throughout the world, concentrating especially on regions where fuel quality is poor. Fuel Magic promises to offer a profitable solution for customers that will save many times its cost while reducing fuel waste and exhaust pollution in all areas of the world.

Fuel Magic Inc. believes that the true and full measure of growth, success and progress lies beyond balance sheets or conventional economic indices. It is best reflected in the difference that business and industry make to the lives of people.

Our growth and profitability are maintained through innovation, technical enhancement, and adaptability to all our markets. Our profitability is directed towards sustaining growth and to providing satisfactory returns for our distributors.

Privacy policy: All information received is strictly for the facilitation of order processing. Fuel Magic will never publish or sell customer information at any time.

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