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Diesel fuel saver for trucks saves 5 times its cost on average.
Is There a Diesel Fuel Additive that Really Saves Fuel?
Fuel Magic is unique among diesel fuel additives because it approaches fuel savings by improving fuel burn, removing combustion deposits and decreasing friction. This diesel fuel additive is very highly concentrated. A small amount is all it takes to produce significant diesel fuel savings. Fuel Magic can be used year round and works effectively with all types of diesel fuels including low sulfur diesel and bio-diesel, and can work alongside your favorite anti-gel.

Fuel Magic is super concentrated and blends at the molecular level so that very little is needed to produce significant fuel savings for trucks and boats.

A TRUCKER TWELVE PACK of 16 oz. bottles TREATS 4800 GALLONS OF DIESEL FUEL and saves 384 gallons with the 8% average fuel economy increase proven with U.S. fuels. In some regions of the world, due to the amount of combustion deposits that are created with poor fuel quality, we have seen 10% to 20% fuel savings. By removing the tremendous amount of combustion deposits in these regions, Fuel Magic also calms down the vibration and noise levels of generators.

In addition to being a diesel fuel saver, Fuel Magic is a cetane booster that increases diesel fuel lubricity. Fuel Magic increases the cetane rating of diesel fuels by an average of 2 to 2.5 numbers.

(See "The Importance of Cetane in Diesel Fuels")

Fuel Magic will provide a noticeable increase in smoothness and power right away, with continuing engine performance improvement as combustion deposits are burned away. Higher mileage trucks and buses will regain lost fuel efficiency the longer Fuel Magic is used. The added power will allow truckers and heavy haulers to stay in the higher gears longer during uphill climbs resulting in a savings of both time and fuel. Heavy construction equipment will have more power to do the job. There will also be increased diesel fuel savings for power boats and construction equipment whether idling or running hard.

For optimum results add Fuel Magic to your tank each and every time you add fuel. This diesel fuel additive pays you about 5 to 1 in fuel savings alone, plus many other maintenance and performance benefits.

In addition to the fuel savings created by 1) more efficient burning of fuel in the engine and by 2) cleaning out combustion deposits and 3) adding lubrication, Fuel Magic saves fuel in additional ways:

Preservation of Stored Fuels: Fuel gradually breaks down as it sits, losing its combustibility and turning its components into varnish and gums. Fuel Magic slows the breakdown process and allows the fuel to retain its original combustion value much longer so you get the performance that you paid for.

Fuel Magic also removes fuel tank corrosion and inhibits corrosion and the growth of algae in diesel fuel tanks and gasoline tanks. Fuel Magic works effectively when winterizing boats, recreation vehicles, construction and farm equipment. Fuel Magic improves cold starting, especially on farm and construction vehicles that sit idle for long periods of time.

A larger proportion of operating costs for independent trucks, buses, construction vehicles, farming equipment and automobiles is going to higher diesel fuel and gasoline prices. FUEL MAGIC Super Fuel Saver provides a low cost way to save diesel fuel and gasoline and reduce fuel costs on all types of diesel and gasoline engines while keeping them running like new for a very long time. You will also notice measurable long term savings with reduced maintenance including less overhauls. This unique trucking, heavy construction and marine fuel saver provides long term benefits by keeping the combustion chambers and fuel systems clean while increasing lubrication.

Because all engines and fuels are different fuel mileage increase varies, but the overall average of this diesel fuel additive with U.S. fuels is 8%, which means each 16 oz. bottle will save several times its cost in fuel savings alone. Fuel Magic is unique among diesel fuel additives. Try Fuel Magic and see how much money you can save on fuel while at the same time reducing pollution and making your engine last longer.

Fuel Magic is created from compounds containing only carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. There are no alcohol, sulphur or metallic compounds that could void an engine warranty. Fuel Magic conforms to the standards set by the Worldwide Fuel Charter and is safe for all engines.

"This diesel fuel additive complies with the federal low sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehicles and non-road engines". EPA registry # 207120001

The longer you use Fuel Magic the more you'll appreciate all of its benefits.