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Fuel Magic makes engines last longer and does not void warranties.
Fuel Magic conforms to World Wide Fuel Charter and EPA standards and guidelines.
Fuel Magic conforms to the standards set by the World Wide Fuel Charter, a consortium of diesel and gasoline engine manufacturers worldwide including Ford Motor Company, Cummins Diesel, General Motors Corporation, Caterpillar Inc., Detroit Diesel Corporation, Mitsubishi Fiso Truck of America Inc., Volvo Powertrain Corporation and 70 associate members.

The Worldwide Fuel Charter was created by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers in 1998 to promote greater understanding of the fuel quality needs of motor vehicle technologies and to harmonize fuel quality world wide in accordance with vehicle needs. Establishment of guidelines set by the Worldwide Fuel Charter simplifies the process of determining the suitability of additives and fuels for automotive engines.

Fuel Magic complies with the standards set by the Worldwide Fuel Charter and is safe for all engine warranties. Fuel Magic is made from compounds containing only carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

The Fuel Magic formula is classified by the EPA as "substantially similar" to fuel and can be safely used to bulk treat all unleaded fuels including unleaded gasoline, ethanol, biodiesel and low sulfur diesel fuels. EPA Registry #207120001.

This diesel fuel additive complies with the federal low sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehicles and non-road engines. Fuel Magic is effective with all gasolines and diesel fuels including low sulfur diesel, bio-diesel, bunker fuels and ethanol fuels.