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Fuel Magic's Polar Technology Improves Combustion Efficiency
Fuel Magic's patented polar compound blends with fuels at the molecular level, needs no stirring, and continues to work deep inside the engine all the way to the combustion chamber. Fuel Magic has a molecular attraction to metallic parts which adds a thin film that reduces wear, inhibits corrosion and penetrates hardened combustion deposits.
Combustion chamber deposits create tiny crevices which trapped unburned fuel. As a result, fuel is wasted and unburned hydrocarbons escape into the air through the exhaust.

Fuel Magic is blended into the fuel, attracted to metallic engine surfaces, then is vaporized by heat. As a result, Fuel Magic eliminates combustion deposits that waste fuel and create engine wear. Fuel Magic leaves no harmful deposits on valves, guides, piston crowns, or rings.

Both diesel and gasoline engines run cleaner and more efficiently. Fuel Magic helps to lower octane requirement increase (ORI) by up to six numbers in gasoline engines.

Fuel Magic's combustion modifier increases combustion power:

The graph at the right illustrates the combustion signature of fuel treated with Fuel Magic versus untreated fuel.

The Fuel Magic treated fuel reaches peak combustion pressure more quickly than the untreated base fuel, while the piston is at the top of the piston stroke. This results in more engine power and increased fuel savings--with less exhaust emissions.

When used with diesel fuels, Fuel Magic increases the cetane performance of the fuel by 2 to 3 numbers.

Fuel Magic accelerates combustion, providing more power at the top of the piston stroke where it's most effective. Result: More power, or torque; more complete combustion. Fuel is burned, not left as a deposit. This chart illustrates the combustion signature with and without Fuel Magic.

Fuel Magic is created from compounds containing carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

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New molecular technology saves gas and diesel, makes engines last longer.