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Fuel Magic Video Ecology product for export
How Fuel Magic Works Reduce hydrocarbon emissions throughout the world.
Diesel Fuel Savings Air pollution product for import.
Gasoline Savings Product to improve fuel economy.
Importance of Cetane A fuel saving product for export.
Stability & Anti-Corrosion American fuel technology product for import.
Molecular Technology Air pollution reduction product for export.
Export Opportunities Reduce exhaust emissions in all countries.
Safe for All Engines Import American fuel technology into any country.
FAQ'S/Skeptics Challenge Petroleum saver for export from the U.S.
ORDER HERE Diesel fuel saver available for export from the United States.
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Quotes given will be for shipping from the United States - or from a Distributor if one is already established in your country.
Buy direct from Fuel Magic Inc. from anywhere in the world. Super concentrated Fuel Magic is packaged in 3 different sized containers depending on its intended use.

60ml (100 or 200 per case) - for individual use - most common retail sales package for the general public.

500ml (24 per case) for industrial use.

4-liter jugs - (4 per case) for bulk treating very large tanks of fuel.

Fuel savings , pollution reduction, and maintenance savings varies widely from country to country due to the quality of fuel and the amount of combustion deposits created.

The fuel savings in countries with higher quality fuels will yield an 8% average savings, proven with U.S. fuels, and Fuel Magic will return about 5 times its cost. In many parts of the world including Africa and Asia the fuel economy increase averages 20% due to the large amount of combustion deposits created by the less refined fuels available in those regions.

Please email us for a quote to have Fuel Magic shipped to your country. Tell us the number of cases you are interested in purchasing and include your name, phone number and shipping address so that we can provide an accurate quote on shipping cost. info@fuelmagic.net