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Remove combustion deposits and add lubrication to combustion chamber.
A Simple Explanation of How Fuel Magic Works:
When you treat your tank of fuel, Fuel Magic has an attraction to metal, forming a thin film which inhibits corrosion and lubricates the fuel system.

When it enters the combustion chamber, this attraction to metal is how Fuel Magic penetrates the combustion deposits, removing them with each firing of the engine; even hardened ones over time.

Combining a clean, lubricated engine with the combustion modifier, Fuel Magic adds power, reduces emissions and provides a significant improvement in fuel economy.

Keeping your engine clean and lubricated saves on maintenance costs and extends engine life.

Fuel Magic is also a fuel stabilizer, which is very important for recreation and sports vehicles, motorhomes, motorcycles, boats, etc.

With your very first tank of fuel you should notice more power and smoother acceleration. It should continue to improve with each tankful.

How and Why Fuel Magic Works in All Engines
Fuel Magic combines a combustion modifier with a special polar compound that has an attraction to metal which forms a thin film. This film inhibits corrosion from developing in fuel tanks and depots while lubricating the entire fuel system. Fuel Magic's polar compound's attraction to metal also makes Fuel Magic penetrate combustion deposits, even hardened ones, removing them with each firing of the engine.
When combined with its combustion modifier, Fuel Magic accelerates the fuel burn so that more of the engine's power is delivered instantaneously at the top of the piston stroke. It creates a more complete burning of fuel before the exhaust valves open--which results in reduced carbon emissions, cooler exhaust temperatures and reduced valve wear.
  • Removes combustion deposits from inside the combustion chamber, reduces formation of new deposits.
  • Inhibits corrosion from developing in fuel tanks and systems.
  • Keeps carburetors and injectors clean, reduces injector coking in diesel engines.
  • Increases lubrication of fuel pump, valves, pistons and rings.
  • Keeps exhaust systems cleaner and reduces hydrocarbon emissions
  • Protects valves--and eliminates exhaust valve seat recession in older classic car engines.
See how Fuel Magic cleans up the combustion process
Piston comparisons showing effects of "fuel wash".
Some signs of fuel wash are noticeable (light colored areas around the piston edges), but greatly improved. Carbon deposits are reduced to a thin, even coating that does not build up and flake away or trap unburned fuel.

The engine from which these pistons were removed was re-fitted with new high precision pistons and rings to correct the fuel wash problems and increase fuel efficiency.

Use of Fuel Magic is recommended with each engine to keep the combustion chambers clean and preserve the tight tolerances that make these re-fitted engines super efficient.

Both show severe signs of "fuel wash" which occurs when un-vaporized fuel enters the combustion chamber. The light areas show where raw unburned fuel "washed" the pistons, and caused varnish to bake onto the piston and ring surfaces (amber colored areas).

The heavy carbon deposits on the piston face are caused by the incomplete fuel burn. Carbon deposits are abrasive, and so, when they break off, cause scoring of the cylinder walls and piston skirts. They also trap unburned fuel which further reduces engine efficiency and increases emissions.

Piston demonstration courtesy of JAM Consulting Ltd., Reno, Nevada - www.jamltd.com
See: More information about the molecular properties of Fuel Magic.
Fuel Magic is created from compounds containing only Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen.
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