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Why is Fuel Magic the Ultimate Green Product?
Fuel Magic fuel additive is the ultimate green product because of the many environmental benefits that it produces -- and it pays you back 7 to 1 or more in fuel savings alone.
List of Environmental Benefits:
  • Inhibits tank corrosion from developing and the ground contamination associated with it.
  • Reduces pollution by 20% avg. with U.S. fuels. Higher reductions are seen in countries with less refined fuels. Fuel Magic removes combustion deposits, the major problem with poorly refined fuels.
  • Reduces fuel consumption an avg. of 8% with U.S. fuels (higher savings seen in countries with less refined fuels.)
  • Fuel Magic also reduces the world wide oil consumption by reducing the octane requirement increase (ORI) in gasoline engines. Higher octane fuels take more oil to produce.
  • Stops fuel deterioration during storage. Gasoline and especially diesel fuels break down as they sit and separate into varnish and gums with pockets of water. The combustibility of fuel reduces gradually and algae and bacteria begin to form in the water making the fuel unusable. Fuels treated with Fuel Magic and stored for long periods of time do not have to be discarded and dealt with as toxic waste.
Fuel Magic helps protect the environment and keeps the green in your wallet.
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