Get fuel tank corrosion protection with Fuel Magic.
Fuel Magic HOME PAGE Fuel Magic will prevent fuel tank corrosion.
Fuel Magic Video Fuel Magic is a fuel stabilizer that will prevent fuel from deteriorating.
How It Works This gasoline stabilizer will keep petrol fresh for long periods of time.
Diesel Fuel Savings Inhibit rust corrosion in your fuel tank by using Fuel Magic.
Gasoline Savings Fuel Magic will help retain your fuel combustion value during storage.
Importance of Cetane This diesel fuel stabilizer will prevent fuel breakdown.
Stability & Anti-Corrosion Remove fuel system corrosion with Fuel Magic.
Molecular Technology Fuel Magic will stop fuel varnish, gum and rust from forming in your tank.
Export Opportunities Inhibit rust corrosion in your fuel system.
Safe for All Engines Boat engine corrosion is eliminated with Fuel Magic in the fuel.
FAQ'S/Skeptics Challenge Use Fuel Magic to keep fuel fresh during storage periods.
ORDER HERE Heavy equipment fuel system corrosion is eliminated with Fuel Magic.
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Email Questions? Fuel Magic will protect the entire fuel system during boat winter storage,.
Removes tank corrosion, prevents rust and fuel breakdown.
The Safe Way to Remove Corrosion from your Fuel System - and Stabilize Your Fuel.

Fuel Magic will remove existing corrosion from your fuel tanks and prevent new deposits from forming. Fuel Magic's attraction to metal separates corrosion from the walls of the tank allowing it to be removed through your fuel filtration system. Continued use of Fuel Magic will prevent the corrosion from re-developing in your tanks.

Fuel Magic is also an effective fuel stabilizer. It will encapsulate moisture and prevent fuel from breaking down over time. Fuel Magic will preserve the combustibility of diesel fuels and gasoline during storage while preventing moisture, algae and bacteria from accumulating in the fuel.

TEST THAT SHOWS HOW FUEL MAGIC PROTECTS FROM CORROSION: Two automotive fuel tanks were filled with unleaded 87 octane gasoline. Fuel Magic was added to one tank, the other was left untreated. The fuel was recirculated through the tanks at ambient temperature for 500 hours. The pump and sock filter assemblies were examined at this time and found no evidence of attack on any fuel system components. There was some discoloration on the sock filter in the untreated tank; there was no discoloration on the filters in the Fuel Magic treated tank.

Unprotected fuel tank
Protected with Fuel Magic
Corroded fuel tank before using Fuel Magic
Fuel tank corrosion removal and prevention with Fuel Magic
Fuel tank corrosion with untreated unleaded gasoline mixed with water.

Amount of iron oxide dissolved into the Untreated fuel: 980 parts per million.

Fuel tank corrosion under identical conditions using Fuel Magic treated fuel.

Amount of iron oxide dissolved in fuel with Fuel Magic: only 1 part per million.

Water was intentionally added to both tanks (at 0.5% ppm) to simulate the effect of water condensation in the fuel. The fuel/water mixture was then recycled through both tanks for an additional 500 hours. The test was stopped, the tanks were cut open and the amount of rust corrosion was measured. These test photos show the extensive rust damage that can occur in a few months when even a small amount of moisture is introduced into the fuel system.

The corrosion resistance and fuel stabilizing properties of Fuel Magic makes it valuable for boat engines, motorcycle engines, snowmobiles, motorhomes--any vehicle stored in a moist environment or with seasonal use and long storage times.

Fuel Magic will help farm vehicles and construction equipment achieve faster cold starts and lower emissions while on the job--with better engine and fuel system protection during storage. Bulk treat your service tankers with Fuel Magic and take care of all of your equipment at once.

Fuel Magic will remove corrosion and prevent it from recurring.