A super gas saver for cars and light trucks.
Fuel Magic HOME PAGE A fuel saver for cars that everyone can afford.
Fuel Magic Video Fuel Magic increases boat fuel economy.
How It Works Increase your motorhome fuel savings using Fuel Magic.
Get an mpg increase immediately with Fuel Magic.
Diesel Fuel Savings Fuel Magic increases fuel stability during seasonal fuel storage.
Gasoline Savings There are no other gas savers like Fuel Magic.
Importance of Cetane Your gas savings will increase as soon as you start using Fuel Magic.
Stability & Anti-Corrosion Fuel Magic shows increased fuel savings with all types of engines.
Molecular Technology Watch Fuel Magic improve gas mileage on your car's trip computer.
Export Opportunities Fuel Magic is a concentrated liquid gas saver for all vehicles.
Notice an increase in mpg immediately.
Safe for All Engines This diesel fuel saver will improve the performance in diesel cars and light trucks.
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Are Fuel Saving Gasoline Additives Worth the Money?

Fuel Magic is a gas saver that pays you to use it. On average Fuel Magic will pay back more than a 5-to-1 return on its cost in the U.S. For every dollar you spend on Fuel Magic you should get more than five dollars back in fuel savings alone -- in additon to the maintenance and performance benefits.

Each 2 oz. squirt bottle of Fuel Magic treats 80 gallons of gasoline.

With the 8% average fuel mileage increase = (Example: 20 mpg to 21.6 mpg) --you will save an average of 25 gallons of gasoline per box of 4 bottles of Fuel Magic. (8% of 320 gal. = 25 gal. saved)

You'll also get the bonus of more power, less emissions, less maintenance and longer engine life in both gasoline and diesel engines. In addition to increasing mpg, Fuel Magic brings new life to older engines.

Fuel Magic accomplishes 3 things at the same time to create fuel savings:

  • Improves the fuel burn - creates more power at the top of the piston stroke and with less emissions.
  • Removes combustion deposits from inside the combustion chamber - increasing engine efficiency.
  • Increases lubrication in the combustion chamber and fuel system - decreasing friction and wear.
Fuel Magic works equally well with diesel fuel and makes it easy to measure into the smaller tanks of power generators, diesel semi truck reefers and APU's. A single 2 oz. bottle will treat 50 gal. of diesel fuel and will save about 4 gal. of diesel on average.
gas saver for cars, motorhomes, light trucks and boats
Additional benefits: Fuel Magic helps preserve the combustibility of fuel sitting in storage. This can be very beneficial for farm equipment, construction equipment, boats, motorcycles, motor homes and other seasonal equipment. Fuel Magic inhibits corrosion throughout the entire fuel system, even in underground storage tanks when bulk treating.

Fuel Magic is self-blending and has been accepted by the EPA for bulk fuel treatment. Registry # 207120001 . Fuel Magic is made from compounds containing only carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and is safe for all engines.

Use Fuel Magic to improve boat fuel economy, motor home fuel savings as well as diesel fuel savings in your diesel cars and light trucks.

The longer you use Fuel Magic the more you'll appreciate all of its benefits.