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A fuel conditioner that adds power to all fuels.
Fuel Magic Piston Cleaning Action Saves Fuel, Pollution and your Engine

FUEL MAGIC Super Fuel Saver is a super concentrated fuel conditioner that adds power to all types of gasoline and diesel engines. It also restores the fuel efficiency of the engine itself by eliminating accumulated combustion deposits and adding lubricity. The result is increased fuel economy, reduced hydrocarbon emissions and longer lasting engines.

Fuel Magic's combustion modifier improves the fuel burn of all types of diesel and gasoline fuels which adds power. The unique polar compound in Fuel Magic penetrates and removes combustion deposits, even hardened ones from inside the engine and burns them away ashlessly with each firing of the engine. Fuel Magic adds a thin film that adds lubrication to the combustion chamber and reduces wear. These functions together provide many benefits that are unrivaled by conventional fuel additives.

Because of Fuel Magic's attraction to metal it's benefits also extend into the fuel system. Fuel Magic penetrates and removes corrosion from the fuel tank where it can be drawn off through the fuel filter, and replaces it with a thin film that will inhibit new corrosion from forming. Fuel Magic reduces friction and wear on fuel pumps and injectors and will also make fuel filters last much longer. Fuel Magic is also an effective fuel stabilizer that preserves the combustion quality of stored fuels and inhibits algae and water from developing.

Fuel Magic is created from compounds containing only carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and safely works with all types of leaded or unleaded gasolines, ethanol fuels, high or low sulfur diesel fuels, biodiesel and also heating oils. Fuel Magic is self blending and begins to work immediately in gasoline and diesel engines to improve the fuel burn, eliminate deposits, add lubrication and smooth out engine vibrations.

Fuel Magic increases fuel economy by an average of 8% in the U.S. and much higher in regions with poorer quality fuels. The gasoline savings and diesel fuel savings shown on this website are actual statistical averages that an ordinary driver can expect to achieve using this product.

Truckers can save over $100 per week with a single 16oz. Fuel Magic.

Super Concentrated Fuel Magic Pays You to Use It

Fuel Magic is so highly concentrated that it pays you to use it. On the average, Fuel Magic will give you a minimum of 5 to 1 return on your money in fuel savings alone. For every dollar spent on Fuel Magic you will save five dollars in fuel on the average. (8% average fuel savings proven in multiple fleet tests in the U.S.)

A 16oz. (500ml) bottle for truckers will treat 400 gallons (1500 liters) of diesel fuel and will save 32 gallons (120 liters) of diesel fuel on average. This will save you $64 in fuel when you get the 8% average (with fuel at $2 per gallon).

Fuel Magic's unique formula is tested and proven by major independent laboratories worldwide. Fuel Magic is EPA accepted for use in unleaded gasoline and the new low sulfur diesel fuels, biodiesel and ethanol fuels. EPA Registry # 207120001. Fuel Magic conforms to the standards set by the Worldwide Fuel Charter, is safe for all engines and will not void engine warranties.

The greatest proportion of the operating budget for independent trucks and heavy haulers goes to fuel purchases. Fuel Magic provides a low cost way to counter rising fuel costs and to reduce diesel and gasoline engine wear and maintenance costs. This highly concentrated fuel extender is profitable to use every day in diesel and gasoline trucks, generators, farming equipment, heavy construction vehicles, automobiles and boats.

Reduce Carbon Dioxide and Hydrocarbon Emissions

Fuel Magic is an outstanding import / export product for today's marketplace. Fuel Magic can provide an immediate low cost solution for safely removing pollution from the environment and stretching fuel resources farther. Fuel Magic reduces the amount of hydrocarbon and particulate matter being released into the atmosphere. The only way to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released during the combustion process is to burn less fuel. Fuel Magic accomplishes that also.

This website was created to explain all of the benefits of Fuel Magic Super Fuel Saver to trucking professionals, construction companies, automobile fleet managers, agricultural equipment operators, power generation companies, shipping companies and import and export companies.

The longer you use Fuel Magic the more you'll appreciate all of its benefits.